Q?Is New Hope Motorcycle-Friendly?
A.Absolutely, although we do ask you to “Rev it Down” as you roll into town! New Hope has loudness ordinances, and we don’t want you to be a casualty.
Q?Is New Hope open all year?
A.Most businesses are open year-round, although some have fewer hours during the winter.
Q?Where do I pay for a parking ticket?
A.There are little red boxes on every block and the police station is at 123 New St.
Q?Where can I go for lunch/dinner with my pet?
A.Many restaurants with outdoor dining will allow leashed dogs outside. If they do any outdoor food or drink preparation, the Dept of Health does not allow pets.
Q?Is the Auto Show taking place this year?
A.Call 215-862-5665 for information. The Auto Show takes place yearly in August.
Q?What are the store hours in New Hope?
A.Each store is individually owned and operated. Each stores sets its own hours. If you are interested in particular stores, call ahead for their hours.
Q?What is the price range on average in New Hope?
A.Many of the shops and restaurants in New Hope are independently owned and operated small businesses with pricing varying accordingly.  On average, however, a dinner at a restaurant can range between $15 and $90/person, a cup of coffee from a coffee shop can range between $2 and $5, a gift from a shop can range between $4 and $100+ as you can find anything from a card to bath and shower gels to books to vintage clothing to name brand items to hand made artisan gifts.
Q?What is there to do and see in New Hope?
A.New Hope has shops, restaurants, bars, a live audience stage theater, art galleries and antique shops. There is also a towpath that people walk along the canal.
Q?Do I need to worry about driving from one place to another in New Hope? Is it a walk-able town?
A.New Hope is a very walk-able town.  It is meant to be a walking town.  Most people park their car and then take the morning or afternoon to stroll around downtown.  It is relatively small so everything from bars to restaurants to shops are all right on Main Street or right off of Main Street on its side streets.  Lambertville is also right across the river so many people come to visit both in one day and walk right across the bridge. If you have a disability or find it hard to walk for long periods of time be aware that New Hope is a walking town and taxis are not available in town or needed unless you call a cab company.
Q?What is the parking like in New Hope?
A.New Hope has metered street parking and public pay parking lots available.  The metered street parking is 75 cents/hour and only accepts quarters.  You can also set your phone up to pay automatically with a credit card using an app. Make sure you don’t forget to feed the meter as they are checked frequently throughout the day. Most of the public pay lots are a flat rate of $20 for the whole day. Parking is packed particularly on the weekends and you may have to walk a few blocks to get to your destination.  The earlier in the morning you arrive, the easier it will be to find a prime parking location.
Q?How far is New Hope from New York City?
A.New Hope is about an hour and a half driving distance from New York City depending on traffic.
Q?How far is New Hope from Philadelphia?
A.New Hope is about one hour driving distance from Philadelphia depending on traffic.