“I love to antique and New Hope provides close proximity to many cute shops that always seem to have an unending plethora of new discoveries. Every time I wander into one of these stores I always find a new treasure no matter how many times I have been there before.”–Brittany, Langhorne, 2016 Brittany
“I really like the atmosphere.  It’s nice to escape from Philadelphia to this cute little town.  I like on a Friday night I can feel the energy.  It makes me excited to go to different places.”–Lindsay, Langhorne, 2016 Lindsay
“I love New Hope.  I really enjoy going there because its fun and has a small town feel.  I love walking down the small side streets.  I love going over the streets that have the bridges that go over the waterways.  There are a lot of different and interesting shops that you won’t see any place else.  The whole artsy feel of the place and the artsy shops, it’s a feeling that you can’t find everywhere.”–Amy, Langhorne, 2016 Amy